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Tipo: Other
Título : Myth told by Andres
Autor: Payaguaje, Andres (Author)
Payaguaje Payaguaje, Eduardo Leopoldo (Transcriber/Spanish Translator)
Schwarz, Anne (Collector/English Translator)
Código: SE04Dec11_NarrativeKo̱ono
Descripción : Andres is telling a myth about a drinking party during which God Pa̱aina converted people into different animals (5 minutes video, transcribed with Spanish and English translations).
Fecha de publicación : 4-dic-2011
Contenido: Andres is telling a myth about a drinking party during which God Pa̱aina converted people into different animals (5 minutes video, transcribed with Spanish and English translations). God Pa̱aina was sick with ulcers and his identity was recognized only by his younger wife. She was also the one who was approached by the visitors for body painting, in contrast to her elder sister who remained ignored. God Pa̱aina then turned his people into different animals, according to painting patterns and emitted sounds.
Idioma: Secoya
Medio: Other
SubMedio: Unspecified
SocialContext: Unspecified
EventStructure: Unspecified
Canal: Face to Face
Continente: South-America
País: Ecuador
Formato: audio/x-wav
Tipo de formato: audio
Contacto: Anne Schwarz (Email: anne.schwarzbunt@gmail.com; schwarz@zas.gwz-berlin.de)
Descripción del Proyecto: The project "Collection of Oral Literature of the Sieko p'ain" was funded by the Firebird Foundation for Anthropological Research. It accompanied research for the preparation of a grammar on Ecuadorian Secoya at the James Cook University, Australia. In a team comprising the two Secoya researchers Carmen Piaguaje and Eduardo Payaguaje and the linguist Dr. Anne Schwarz we have started conducting interviews on traditional practices and collecting oral traditions among the Secoyas living along the Aguarico River. The collected audio(-video) data are digitally processed and annotated. In the long run, the project aims at also producing pedagogical linguistic materials that are of immediate use for the speech community. For some parts of the recordings subtitled video clips are produced. We were fortunate to receive generous funding from James Cook University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, in 2010, and from the Firebird Foundation for Anthropological Research in 2011, and benefit from the continuous technical and practical/linguistic advice by Dr. Connie Dickinson. Acknowledgements We gratefully acknowledge funding from the following institutions: Firebird Foundation for Anthropological Research (US). James Cook University (Australia) We wish to thank the Ecuadorian Secoya Community: The Governors of the Ecuadorian Secoya Nation and all Secoya consultants and friends for their support and participation in the documentation. We express our thanks for the logistic/administrative assistance provided by the following institutions: FLACSO (Quito, Ecuador) FEPP (Quito and Lago Agrio, Ecuador) Colegio Rio Aguarico (San Pablo de Kantetsiaya, Ecuador) Colegio Abya Yala (San Vincente/Lago Agrio, Ecuador) Dirección de Educación Intercultural Bilingüe de las Nacionalidades Siona, Secoya y Cofan del Ecuador (DEINASSCE) (Lago Agrio, Ecuador) We also want to thank: Dr. Connie Dickinson (Ecuador and University of Oregon) Orlando Cruz (Colegio Abya Yala) Marcelo Araña (FEPP Lago Agrio) Dr. Patricia Bermúdez (FLACSO) Robert Kaeser (Ecuador) Dr. Simeon Floyd (Max Planck Institute Nijmegen)
Proyecto: Ecuadorian Secoya, Firebird Foundation
Título del Proyecto: Collection of Oral Literature of the Sieko p'ain, Ecuadorian Secoya, 2011 to 2012
Fecha : 2012-01-07
Formato: text/x-eaf+xml
Tamaño: 149 MB
Tipo: Primary Text
Medio: Translation
Codificación: UTF-8
ContentEncoding: Secoya, Español, English
Licencia : Atribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 3.0 Ecuador
Licencia (URI): http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ec/
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